27 Goals for My 27th Year.

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Your birthday is an annual opportunity to take a step back and review your life over the past year, as well as set goals for the coming one. Thus, having recently thad a birthday, here are 27 goals for my 27th year. The goals are big and small, but each one aims to improve my business in some way.

  1. Write two blog posts per month
    I’d like to keep my blog updated regularly, at least twice per month. I have started some themes that will make for easy updates, such as inspiration and case studies.
  2. Read Outliers by Malcom Gladwell
    This is one of those books that has been on my list for a while. Time to read it.
  3. Go to the gym every week
    Keeping the endorphins up and staying healthy leads to a more positive mood and more productive business.
  4. Co-work regularly
    While I love working from home, it’s inspiring and a great change of pace to co-work with a friend every so often. I’d like to do this at least once per week, if not more.
  5. Go to meetups and events
    I find meetups, industry happy hours, talks and other such events to be truly motivating. I’d like to keep attending these at least a few times per month. Some favorites are Creative Mornings and Austin’s AIGA Under the Radar speaker series.
  6. Always have a personal project going
    Working on a personal project – of any type – on the side of your client work keeps those creative juices flowing. There is no pressure and you have the freedom to explore.
  7. Incorporate hands-on creativity
    As I mentioned in my blog post about perfectionism, I’ve been exploring relaxing hands-on non-perfectionist creative outlets, such as watercoloring. I’d like to keep these projects up throughout the year.
  8. Take breaks
    Part of the beauty of working for yourself? You can take breaks! It’s tough to do, but taking a break in the middle of the day can be refreshing and set you up for a productive afternoon.
  9. Apply to speak at events
    One of my long term business goals is to be a public speaker. Time to take my first steps toward these goals – I will apply to speak at multiple conferences, such as SXSW Interactive.
  10. Keep in touch
    It’s important to keep in touch with your networks, from former and current clients to vendors to, of course, friends and family. I plan to send quick letters, cards and quick hello-how-are-you emails throughout the year.
  11. Start a mailing list for my blog
    By the end of my 27th year I’d like to have started a mailing list for my blog.
  12. Meditate
    I know I should I know it’s one of the most common habits among successful businesspeople, but I just find it so difficult. I’d like to start incorporating meditation into my life.
  13. Keep up monthly goals
    At the end of each month I set a number of goals for the following month. They are all measurable and quantifiable, and they become an empowering to-do list for those 30 days. I plan to keep up this habit and use that as a method to accomplish each of these annual goals.
  14. Do retro each week
    Similarly, I’d like to keep up a weekly “retro” – each Sunday, I’ll sit down and review the week I had while also setting goals for the coming week. These weekly retros will keep me on track for my monthly goals, which all work toward accomplishing these annual goals.
  15. Stay organized
    I have found great business tools to keep me organized and efficient. This year I’d like to stay on top of that organization and be even more efficient. This will free up time and energy so that I can dedicate more of it to client work.
  16. Keep my finances in order
    Paying taxes, watching revenue, starting a retirement plan – finances are the most quantifiable part of running a business. I’d like to not only check they are always in order, but keep a close eye to ensure that my business is thriving.
  17. Embrace the uncomfortable
    Tim Ferriss suggests that when you have a long to-do list, you tackle the task that makes you most uncomfortable first. This will give you the confidence and momentum to keep going. I’d like to apply this mindset not only to my to-do list, but also to my life – by putting myself in uncomfortable situations, I will grow my confidence.
  18. Stay on top of my to-dos
    I will tackle the big, most uncomfortable projects first each day (see #17).
  19. Go outside
    I’ll back away from the computer and get some Vitamin D.
  20. Show appreciation
    This year I will show my love and appreciation for people – networks, clients, friends and family. This will help me develop stronger relationships for both my personal and business lives.
  21. Enjoy my flexibility
    Another perk of working for yourself – vacation time! I’ll take some this year.
  22. Be proud
    It is important to be proud of your work and pat yourself on the back for a job well done. I plan to be prouder of myself this year.
  23. Take a step back
    Eat. Sleep. Repeat. We all get caught up in this rhythm. This year I will regularly take a step back to recognize not only what I’m doing on a daily basis, but why I do what I do.
  24. Ask for feedback and constructive criticism
    One con of being a solopreneur is that you rarely have someone to give you feedback, and you are not necessarily used to receiving construction criticism. This year I plan to seek both of these things on a regular basis. That is a key to growth.
  25. Gather inspiration
    Inspiration is all around us, so this year I plan to take photos of or gather anything that inspires me.
  26. Sleep
    As we all know, sleep is key to a healthy body and mind, which are, of course, huge factors in running a successful business. I’m going to get some sleep this year.
  27. Enjoy myself
    I am going to love what I do.

What are some of your current goals for your business or in life? How do you like to reflect on your birthday each year?


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