Guiding Words For 2016.

Posted on Jan 19, 2016 in inspiration, ramblings
2016 Goals

Step one: put on your running clothes.


While I don’t necessarily set new year’s resolutions, I’d like to set some guiding words for a bigger, better and stronger year than last. For this post I’m particularly inspired by the “one word for the new year” mentality I learned at INK PR, as well as in the podcast Being Boss.

I’m also inspired by Steve Kamb of Nerd Fitness, who suggests changing your environment to help achieve your goals. For instance, if you want to work out more in the mornings, try sleeping in your gym clothes. If you want to be a writer, unplug your Internet and set a measurable goal of how many words you will write per day.

So here it goes – my guiding words for 2016 and how I will adjust my environment to stick with them.

I will schedule a period of at least an hour per day during which I use the app Self Control to block distracting sites. This will help me get started on each day’s biggest task (plus once I dive into something, I typically stick with it) and it may actually make it feel like I have more hours in a day.

I will commit myself to clients, to running and to my friends. I will aim to give 100% of my attention to each aspect of my life as I experience them. This is a tough one when it comes to changing my environment, so I will set small measurable goals. I will be accessible to my clients while working, put on my running clothes first thing in the morning and schedule a coffee or lunch with a friend at least once per week.

I have a serious case of imposter syndrome, especially when it comes to being creative. To help get over this hump, I will create daily. I will sketch something on my iPad at least once per day. As for a shift in my environment, I will leave the iPad on my bed so I have to pick it up – and therefore will be more likely to start drawing – before going to sleep.

I tend to do what I call “stress relaxing.” Anytime I’m not working – so while watching Netflix, on Facebook, even going for a run – I feel as though I’m doing something wrong, like I should be working at all times. This is one negative aspect of the work-from-home life. Your home is your office and vice versa, so you associate being home with working. Many people who work in the office have a clean difference between their work environment and home environment. To help myself actually relax, I will close my computer each night by 7 PM, with the exception of hard deadlines.

This one is inspired by Kathleen Shannon of Being Boss. I will embrace experiences rather than aiming toward an end goal. I will cherish my client work, enjoy my runs, feel good about my drawing practice and enjoy my time with friends. I think this is really about being present in the moment, so I will set a goal of meditating for at least 10 minutes once per week. It’s a small goal, but it’s achievable and may naturally lead to longer, more regular practice. As for my environment, I will set an alarm on my phone to remind me to drop everything and meditate.

So many goals! Now, how to manage them? At the start of each month I write a list of small, measurable goals and check each one off as I go throughout the month – but that’s for another post.

What are your guiding words for 2016?