Digital Nomading Part 2: Buenos Aires

Posted on Mar 21, 2017 in digital nomad, lessons

Digital Nomad Part 2: Buenos Aires

So I did it again – I worked for a month while traveling abroad. Did that whole digital nomad thing. Again I went with Hacker Paradise, but this time we were based in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

What did I learn this time around?

I’m extraverted.
I thought I may be introverted as a teenager, because I’m often shy upon first meeting someone, but now I know that introverted or extraverted isn’t about being shy or outgoing, it’s about how you recharge. I recharge and feel like my best self when I’m around people – particularly when I have a community.

I thrive on community.
Expanding on the previous point – I work from home on most days in Austin, but joining Hacker Paradise provided me with not only a place to work (a great co-working space called AreaTres) but people to work with. I got to collaborate with my peers and even get feedback from a UX designer on a personal project. With this community, I felt more productive and recharged than ever. I plan to work more from coffee shops and co-working spaces now that I’m home, as well as continue attending meetups and events to befriend more people in my industry.

I enjoy being home, but then switching it up.
I feel honored to have been able to travel and work abroad, but at the same time, I realized I do love having a home base. Somewhere I can return to rest, get my bearings, and get back into a routine. Then when I get stuck in that routine, I like to pick up again and get out, switch things up, and refresh my outlook on life and work. When that’s over, I’m ready to come home and and then repeat. How ENFP of me.

I love making videos.
This is something I’ve been exploring over the past year. I enjoy making videos of fun experiences, particularly travels. It helps me solidify memories as well as share them with the people involved. Check out my video of the trip, below. You’ll see most of it is based in Buenos Aires, with a quick trip to Patagonia (to see the glaciers) and some time in Punta del Este, Uruguay. (There is a lot of cheers-ing over meals and impromptu dancing.) It’s best watched with music!

What have you learned about yourself from traveling? Do you also thrive when you have a community?

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